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Our Top priority is to provide excellent service.
We accomplish this by having a full web based system which can be accessed by Attorney, Copy Services, Medical Office and Billing system.
We provide up to date information in response to your requests.

Our staff is fluent in English, and Spanish.

We Specialize in

We Specialize in

Receiving Subpoena from Attorney office or Copy services

Annotation 2022-06-24 152916

Provide the medical information of each individual based on Subpoena request.

Annotation 2022-06-24 154227

Medical records can be viewed on-line by Copy services or Attorney office (HIPAA compliance) any time and for 2 years period.

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Payment may be done On-line

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Medical record can be viewed, printed, and downloaded on-line at any time by Copy services or Attorney office.

Annotation 2022-06-24 153043

Provide the outstanding Balance on-line at any time.

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